About Us

We are a High Quality Store scouring products from distributors all around the world. We are known for Great Prices on High Quality Products, in fact, we make sure that the products we sell, have already been established and have tons of great reviews, then we introduce them to people for the first time, before they are so popular everyone has them, so our products are great and probably still fresh and new!

Customers who buy items from us appreciate the great prices on High Quality Products they frequently find with Suite 312. All products featured on this website are quality tested, in fact in our office dedicated assistants are always overseeing the whole process, to make sure that everything we find and bring on, will get more great reviews, because they are already greatly reviewed by at least 2,000 other people(Minimum!).

We believe that Suite 312 is contagious, and when you begin to love us like we do, you'll start to see the numbers: 312 EVERYWHERE! All the time. I do. All the time. But 312 is special to me, it was an address of my favorite people on earth, a safe haven in a crazy California City. My Grandparents house. They moved away when I was 11 and I chased them down the street on my bike as they drove away, crying, begging them to not leave me. 312 has always had a special place in my heart, and I am happy to have this website to keep 312 alive. Suite 312 is here for me and my brother and our families, as well as for our customers and our communities.